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How to convince your parents, or significant other, to get a pet!

Featured Image It seems like every kid at some point wants a pet in their home. Some are successful at convincing their parents and others….not so much. The question is, what are the benefits of having a pet and how can you convince your family to get one?? Well, here are some ways that pets can be good for you and how you can keep your house clean with them!...


Have a Clean Spring!

Featured Image With spring underway, more flowers, sunshine, and warm weather are coming! With the great joys of spring also comes increased allergens, dust, and reasons to consider a professional carpet cleaning! Here are some reasons why....


Chem-Dry Specialty Stain Removal Questions Answered

Featured Image Have you ever had an eternal stain in your carpet that just won’t go away? Or have you had kids that like to spill every single food they touch? We feel your pain! We specialize in specialty stain removal and protectant that will leave your home looking better than ever before. One of our mottos is, “If we can’t get it out, no one can.”...


Chem-Dry VS. Steam Cleaning

Featured Image Chem-Dry of West Michigan takes carpet cleaning to the next level with industry leading products and processes that provide the deepest & longest lasting clean! No longer do you have to wait days for your carpets to be dry! See the difference for yourself with Chem-Dry of West Michigan!...