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3 Spooky Facts About Your Carpets


Halloween is just around the corner! This means things are getting a little more spooky. Though Halloween is spooky, what some people don’t realize is what’s under their carpets is even spookier! Here are 3 spooky facts about dirty carpets that might make your hair stand on end. 

1. Carpets attract dirt much easier than tile or other flooring. To make matters worse, about 75% of people have said that they have worn their shoes in the house and walking on the carpet. That means that most houses are full of dirt that comes from people’s shoes. Overtime this will deteriorate the vibrancy and color of your carpets. Just thinking about all of the dirt and grime that is in your carpets can be a frightening thought. Just one reason to keep your carpets clean, whether that’s by yourself or by a professional.

2. Sandy soil in your carpets can build up, ruining your carpet slowly and surely. If you look very closely in your carpet you can actually see a small pile of soil that cannot be vacuumed by the average household vacuum. This soil is eating away your carpet! Having your carpets cleaned regularly is the best way to help your carpets last longer and stay healthier for you and your family!

3. Dirty carpets don’t just look bad that are also bad for your health. It’s pretty obvious that germs make us sick. To keep germs away, people wipe down counters, wash dishes, and keep the house clean. Sometimes in the busyness of cleaning everything, carpets get forgotten or are cleaned only once in awhile. It might be a spooky thought to think about the last time that your carpets were actually cleaned. The truth is that carpets attract germs just like anything else in your house. In fact, your carpets attract more dirt and allergens than most places in your home. Letting the weeks, months, or even years pass by without a carpet cleaning could be detrimental to you and your family’s health. 

So as you can see, your carpets might need a cleaning more than you think. Having a clean carpet will not only improve your home’s beauty, but it will also make it healthier. Make sure to not make your home spookier than it has to be during this Halloween season. Give us a call at Chem-Dry to learn more about professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services near you!