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4 Ways To Start The School Year Off Right


Even though it might feel like summer just started, July is coming to an end which means school is just around the corner. That can be a scary thought for you and your kids. School supplies, new clothes, and a new teacher are just some of the things that you and your kids will have to prepare for. Though it may seem difficult every time school starts again, here are some tips that might help you out this year (and a special from Chem-Dry that will too) 

1. Get to know your child’s teacher (early)

One of the biggest fears that a child might have going into the school year is their teacher. It can be scary to go into a new classroom with new rules, a new teaching style, and new personality that they might not be used to. Getting to know your child’s teacher can be as simple as introducing yourself and asking simple questions over email or in person. You can even ask them what you can do to help your child’s at home learning. This can help you and your child feel more comfortable and help the communication between home and school. This could help prevent problems in the future as well. 

2. Eat at least two family dinners together a week

This might seem like a strange suggestion but it has proven to lead to healthier, happier, and stronger families. It is a good time to talk about your day, have a good meal, and enjoy each other’s company. When school starts life can get really busy really fast so don’t lose that precious time with your kids. Take time to spend with your kids! (Even if it’s hard)

3. Give your child a surprise note of encouragement 

The first day of school can be hard, especially when your child is going to a new school. For some kids, it’s the longest day of the year. To help them out, you can write a short note of encouragement to get them through the day. You can tell them how proud you are and that you are wishing them a good day. This could brighten their day and start the school year off right. You might even consider doing this throughout the year to keep them going strong!

4. Clean your home and keep it organized

Your home goes through a lot of wear and tear during the summer with your kids home. Overtime, your carpets, furniture, and other items in your home begin to lose their original look while gathering dust and germs. A good way to start is by organizing loose objects in your house and dusting. While this is a good start, your carpets and upholstery items might need a little more help. Chem-dry of West Michigan offers professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. And to help you out with all your back to school stress, we are offering a free stair cleaning with 500 sq. of carpet cleaning. So make sure your home is clean and then keep it clean. Call us at Chem-Dry of West Michigan to learn more about our cleaning services! 616-425-9080

Make back to school at least a little bit better for you kids! As you can see, just a few simple ideas can make the experience better!