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Have a Clean Spring!


With spring underway, more flowers, sunshine, and warm weather are coming! With the great joys of spring also comes increased allergens, dust, and reasons to consider a professional carpet cleaning! Here are some reasons why.

1. Spring brings increased allergens into your home. These allergens can cause irritations such as sneezing and itching to many people in your home when not taken care of. Vacuuming and other cleaning methods just don’t do the trick. Hiring a professional technician for a carpet cleaning will help your carpet not only look cleaner but be healthier as well.

2. It’s suggested to have a professional carpet cleaning every 6-9 months especially for homes with pets or people with asthma or other related conditions. A professional carpet cleaning often will help your home be free from dirt and grime that grows underneath the carpet. Your carpet will be ready for dirt and allergens that will come into your home and any build up from underneath the carpet.

3. Save your carpet from existing and future stains. You might have one of those eternal stains that never seem to go away. With Chem-Dry’s cleaning solution, The Natural, you can expect even the worst of stains to go away. Beyond that, we also offer a stain protectant to avoid future stains and accidents from eternally staining your carpet!

With Spring flying by, don’t forget to help your home and family with a professional spring cleaning. Here at Chem-Dry of West Michigan, we offer experienced and friendly service combined with world class and revolutionary products that help you live healthier and happier! Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more about a professional spring carpet cleaning for you!