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How to convince your parents, or significant other, to get a pet!

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019

It seems like every kid at some point wants a pet in their home. Some are successful at convincing their parents and others….not so much. The question is, what are the benefits of having a pet and how can you convince your family to get one?? Well, here are some ways that pets can be good for you and how you can keep your house clean with them!

Health Benefits

While having a pet takes time and energy, there are many health benefits that can help you over time. Pets can help your overall mood. Having a companion can help you release stress and feel like you have another friend. Often times people with pets are happier and less lonely than those without pets. People struggling with depression and anxiety can benefit greatly from having a pet in their home to greet them when they get home. A happier mood makes your days, weeks, and years go better! Pets can also help you get out more and get more exercise. Being outside and taking care of your body not only increases your overall physical health but also your mental health. So the first point when you are convincing your family to get a pet is that they have many health benefits!

Having a Routine is Good

Having a pet can help you adopt a routine. Having a daily routine can help you have a structure and more of a purpose in life. A routine can help you be more productive over the course of your day and provide you with a better opportunity to get more things done. With a new routine, you will not only get what you want to get done but it will also help you find the time to do other things that you want to do. So the second point to tell your parents or significant other; having a pet can help establish a useful routine!

Show them Cute Pictures of Pets

We’ve all seen pictures of pets that make us “oooh” and “ahhh” or make us tear up. Well, showing your parents or significant other a good collection of cute pictures of people with their pets could boost your chances of convincing them. Combining the good solid facts of having a pet with emotional feelings could be the deciding factor!

Share With Them a Plan to Potty Train Your New Pet

Potty training a new pet can be a challenge without a plan. Having a simple idea of when the dog will go, where it will go, and who will take it out can make life a lot easier. Even with a plan, your pet may have some accidents in the process. This can cause smells and stains and in your carpet. No need to fear! A professional carpet cleaning and pet odor removal can get rid of any smells that your pet might make while being potty trained. Chem-Dry provides environmentally clean solutions that help your carpet not only become cleaner but healthier as well. So when you are convincing your family to get a pet, remember to let them know that Chem-Dry’s pet odor removal services are the best around and will get rid of any odors that your pet might create with their accidents.

So now you’re ready to convince your family to get a pet! Don’t hesitate to start now and get that pet of yours. Chem-Dry of West Michigan in Grand Rapids loves your pets and is ready to help you keep your house clean and healthy! Give us a call now and receive a free quote616-425-9080